Carwash King Touch Free Automatic Wash

Our fully optioned Touch-free Automatic wash plus provides the convenience of staying in your car. Only high-pressure water & the finest cleaning chemicals touch your car and paint for a spot free finish. This wash is suitable for regular washing and will not compromise your paint protection. The entry unit accepts $50, $20, $10 & $5 notes, as well as $1 & $2 coins (change machine on site). We also accept card payment via Tap & Pay. Stay in your car- let us do the work for you!

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If you like to do-it-yourself, the Self-Serve Bays are right for you! At Carwash King we have 2 Self-Serve Bays with the finest of products to ensure you get the job done. Self Service Bays are perfect for when you have put your vehicle through its paces and have heavy road grime, or perhaps you require intensive removal of dried bird droppings or bugs. You can get a detailed clean by using the high-pressure gun on those stubborn areas. These bays are a timed service – what you spend depends on you. The machines accept $1 & $2 coins with a change machine on site. We also accept card payment via Tap & Pay.



Pamper your pooch with our Carwash King Dog Wash. All chemicals selected for use are approved for use on dogs. We use the highest quality shampoos, conditioners and pet care products from FIDO’s pet care. The Carwash King Dog Wash includes shampoos, conditioners, flea and tick treatment and blow dry needed to ensure your furry friend returns home as clean as possible. This is a time-based service allowing you the freedom to decide what your pup needs. The Dog Wash area has a closed in yard to ensure even those who aren’t so keen on a bath have nowhere to run. The machine accepts $5 & $10 notes, $2 & $1 coins as well as card payment via Tap & Pay for convenience. There is no appointment needed! Wash your dog at any time!



At Carwash King we have vacuums to help pick up those hard-to-get crumbs. The vacuums are a time-based service, meaning the amount you spend depends on you. We also have vending facilities allowing you to grab anything you may need to get your car back to pristine condition. Prices vary. The machine accepts $2 & $1 coins as well as card payments via Tap & Pay for convenience.